Our high performance department is headed by our resident master of sport science Phillip Eglezos. With a master’s degree in sport science and an undergraduate degree in human movement, Phillip’s knowledge is extensive and wide ranging from elite/semi elite athletes to everyday people looking to achieve their fitness goals.

Career to Date

Combat Sports Professional Athletes

Phillip has worked extensively with former combat sports world champions, assisting them in attaining further skills that helped them succeed in the ring. These included biomechanical movements, explosive power and strength training, optimal nutrition programs and cutting edge analysis techniques.

Adelaide Football Club

In addition to having worked with elite combat sports athletes, Phillip has worked with the recruiting department of the Adelaide Football club. His role ranged from analyzing testing data, video footage of potential recruited players and creating programs that will benefit the newly recruited players coming into the club.

Real Madrid Football Club Study Tour

During his studies Phillip was involved in an educational tour of the world famous Real Madrid football club, where he was lectured and studied off world renowned physiologists and biomechanists during Real Madrid’s famed triple champion’s league crown.

Services Offered

– Biomechanical analysis

– Physiological training

– Nutritional support / programs

– Strength training

– Scientific weight loss methods

– Explosive & endurance fitness training


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