More than just…Self Defence for Children!
Emotional and Physical Strength, Confidence, Patience, Leadership, Well Rounded Life Skills.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6pm classes

We love teaching children how to look after themselves by becoming aware of potentially threatening situations and how to avoid them.

Our Self Defence classes develop the following:

– Become assertive, not aggressive

– Increase his/her ability to focus

– Build greater levels of confidence, patience, discipline

– Develop greater levels of ability to learn

– Increase ability to concentrate for longer periods of time

– Become fitter, stronger and healthier

– Build leadership skills

– Less likelihood to bend to peer pressure and have the strength to say ‘NO’ when appropriate and have the courage to say ‘YES’ when appropriate

– Build skills to protect him/herself in real life scenarios

If you are interested in starting Self Defense Classes in Melbourne then give Powerplay Gym a call today for more information!



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