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Myotherapy is a form of manual therapy which focuses on the assessment, treatment and management of muscular pain and other musculoskeletal conditions. Do you suffer from any of the following issues?

– Muscular pain

– Joint pain

– Headaches

– Muscular/Postural imbalances

– Sports injuries

– Chronic pain

– Muscular inflammation


Our in house myotherapist uses a wide range of techniques to return you back to full health, these techniques include the following:

– Dry needling

– Cupping

– Remedial sports massage

– Trigger point therapy

– Corrective exercises

– Myofascial release


The Myotherapist: Alexi Pilipasidis

Alexi is registered and qualified Myotherapist who is extremely passionate about what he does and sees it as more than a ‘job’, but rather a lifestyle. He is committed to do all in his power to educate clients to live a pain free lifestyle. ​

Alexi has 5 years of experience in the health industry working with football clubs such as the Western Bulldogs Football club and Northern Blues Football club. He also works with professional combat sports athletes at Powerplay boxing as well as working in the clinical environment helping everyday people. Alexi is passionate about maintaining all forms of health including mental, physical and emotional health.


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